Polbain is a crofting township in the Coigach area, located on the north Badentarbat Bay on the west coast of Scotland. The township lies 2 miles northwest of the village of Achiltibuie. There are still working crofts here and we have fishing boats operating from nearby Dornie. The village overlooks the Summer Isles and is surrounded by hills, mountains, glens and beaches.


Old Dornie... Altandhu is one of the original crofting hamlets of the Coigach area. Overlooking the sea to Isle Ristol and Old Dornie Bay and Harbour, set above fabulous rock pools and in a sheltered bay with mountains behind, this really is a great wee spot to relax and enjoy the Highlands.


A haven of peace and nature... The peninsula of Coigach is made up of a number of crofting townships which lie along the rugged coastline and translates from Gaelic as the 'five achs (fields)'. Achiltibuie and Altandhu are two of these townships. There have been people living here for thousands of years - remnants of the early inhabitants can be found in stone hut circle ruins and brochs along the coast. The area is still largely unspoilt, and we enjoy a vibrant community life, many crofting and fishing as people have since they first settled here.


Historical and cultural beauties in the sea... The Summer Isles that you overlook from Port Beag Chalets can be experienced by boat, with Summer Isles Tours. Cruising through the islands - the bestway to view their amazing geological features, including "Cathedral Cave" and hopefully spot a few friendly seals. Kayak trips also go out to the islands offering schedules to suit all levels of experience.


Unspoilt wildernesses of Europe... The environment surrounding us is both beautiful and awe inspiring. The mountains and glens, the beaches and lochs, the moors and forest all offer sights and experiences according to what you desire. Walking, biking, climbing and trekking are all achievable all around us. We are amongst some of the best geology of the worls and part of the North West GeoPark, home to a vast number of famous of mountains.


The Highlands is abundant in wildlife, birdlife & plants... As well as stunning landscapes, we are surrounded by amazing animals and wildlife. From the Golden and White Tailed Sea Eagles soaring in our skies, to the red and black throated divers and other sea birds on our shores. We also have large herds of deer on our hills - and at times even in the garden! There are all varity of wildlife and stunning plants all around.